Shane White talking about Harlem

Shane White was interviewed by Margaret Throsby on ABC Classic FM here in Sydney this morning, talking about the history of New York City, Harlem and the numbers.  The interview is available as a podcast on the Classic FM site. Shane was also interviewed by Alan Saunders on the By Design show on ABC Radio… Continue reading Shane White talking about Harlem


Roger Walker – A Lodger’s Life in 1920s Harlem

Roger Walker* was a nineteen-year old native of North Carolina and restaurant worker placed on probation after being convicted of trying to burgle a drug store in 1930, when he was unemployed and without money for food (*This name is a pseudonym, used at the request of the Municipal Archives). The map of Walker's life… Continue reading Roger Walker – A Lodger’s Life in 1920s Harlem

Digital Harlem at the Sydney Humanities Salon

Shane White, Stephen Garton and I spoke about Digital Harlem and our book Playing the Numbers at the Sydney Humanities Salon on June 10, 2010.  This is an informal event involving roughly 40 minutes of presentation and then 20 minutes of Q&A, which is available as a podcast.  In our case, Stephen did a brief… Continue reading Digital Harlem at the Sydney Humanities Salon

Harlem’s Hospitals

Harlem in the 1920s was not well served by hospitals.  One public hospital was located in the neighborhood, but continued to be dominated by whites throughout the decade. Blacks did operate four small private hospitals, but they charged fees beyond the resources of most blacks and were not well-supported by those who could afford them.… Continue reading Harlem’s Hospitals