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I will be doing an online presentation on Digital Harlem as part of the Virtual Cities/Digital Histories symposium this coming weekend, Saturday December 4th, 8 a.m., Sydney time.  A recording of the session is available here.

The symposium, which I co-organized with Robert Allen of UNC, Chapel Hill, is a showcase for projects recreating historical cities online.  For details, see the symposium website.


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A brief interview with me about Digital Harlem formed part of the November 28th edition of the ABC News Radio show “Inside America,” available online as an mp3 file.  The segment starts roughly three quarters of the way through the recording.

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A new feature has been added to Digital Harlem, thanks to the folks at the Archaeological Computing Laboratory.  It is now possible to link the path of an event.  This is most obviously useful for mapping events such as parades.







If you map the July 4th parade of members of the Elks in 1929, the map that first appears contain only two points, the beginning of the parade at the Monarch Lodge, and its end in St Nicholas Park.  If you toggle on the new left hand button on the layers display, the path of parade appears.





This feature can also be used to link a sequence of incidents associated with an event, such as the murder of Jennie Hoyer: the series of isolated points is linked in the sequence in which the events occurred, showing William Hoyer’s activities and movements before and after the crime (I have now replaced the maps in the post on the Hoyer  murder with these improved maps).



With this new feature available to us, look out for a post on parades in Harlem.

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