A Prize for “Playing the Numbers”

Our book, Playing the Numbers: Gambling in Harlem Between the Wars, won the General History Prize at the 2011 NSW Premier’s History Awards. The prize citation read: Telling the story of New York’s gaming underworld in the first half of the last century, this is a brilliant work of recuperative cultural history. It has taken… Continue reading A Prize for “Playing the Numbers”


Shane White talking about Harlem

Shane White was interviewed by Margaret Throsby on ABC Classic FM here in Sydney this morning, talking about the history of New York City, Harlem and the numbers.  The interview is available as a podcast on the Classic FM site. Shane was also interviewed by Alan Saunders on the By Design show on ABC Radio… Continue reading Shane White talking about Harlem

More on Numbers Gambling

With the publication of our book Playing the Numbers drawing near, I've added some more pages explaining the game: how the number was generated how players chose a number to bet on, how the policing of numbers worked who operated the game, the bankers and kings and queens. I've also added a new resource, selections… Continue reading More on Numbers Gambling

Arrests for Numbers Gambling

The map of Numbers arrests is currently one of the Featured Maps on the Digital Harlem site; simply click on the image in the right hand column of the site to see the map. The pop-up box that opens contains an abbreviated version of the information contained in this post. In the 1920s, Numbers gambling… Continue reading Arrests for Numbers Gambling