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On March 19, 2016, I participated in the Working Group on Interpreting the History of Race Riots and Racialized Mass Violence in the Context of “Black Lives Matter,” at the National Council on Public History Conference, in Baltimore.

Prior to the meeting, members of the Working Group contributed short posts on their projects to a group blog; my post can be found here. The post is a very preliminary account of my ongoing work mapping the events of March 19 and 20, 1935, in Harlem. Further research in the records of the Mayor’s Commission and the scrapbooks in Mayor LaGuardia’s Papers, and in La Prensa‘s coverage of the riot (kindly shared with me by Lorrin Thomas) has already turned up additional information that I need to add to this map.

The Working Group site also contains blogs on a range of other fascinating projects on the history of radicalized mass violence in the US.

Below is the slide I used in my lightning talk at the Working Group session in Baltimore



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The Australian Research Council today awarded us a five year grant totaling $702,000 for our new project, Year of the Riot: Harlem 1935.  This amazing news means that we will be to able to expand “Digital Harlem” into the 1930s, taking advantage of the incredibly rich evidence collected by the committee that Mayor La Guardia set up to investigate the causes of the riot.  The new funding will also allow us to re-employ the Archaeological Computing Laboratory here at the University of Sydney to add new functionalities to the site – watch for the mapping of sequences of events (like parades and the riot itself) and the inclusion of images — and much more!

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